Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What Is The Relationship Of A Psychic Development Student And Teacher?

The relationship of the psychic development student and teacher is very intense. Individuals particularly gifted with metaphysical gifts will often seek further development at some time in their life. Nowadays, in the New Age Spirituality era, there are more than enough psychic development teachers and coaches to offer services. Each psychic development coach either offers a generic listing of services or specializes based on their strongest metaphysical gift. Whatever the case, students of the metaphysical are usually guided and eventually led to their first teacher for reasons only known to the universe.

Students that choose this new phase of self- discovery often find it be very scary. Initially, there are fears of their own metaphysical gifts and often the stigma or taboo they fear others will judge them by. But it can also be fears associated with exposing themselves very deeply to another person; this is the more natural fear.

The kinship between a psychic development student and teacher is unique. Most often students unbeknownst to them are drawn to a teacher with compatible zodiac signs or share very similar life experiences. Even more extraordinary, the psychic development student can sometimes deem psychic development teacher as God-like. This idea may be far-fetched to see it written, but most often psychic development students meet their psychic development teacher when getting a psychic reading. Very intuitive individuals can always recognize others, so it natural that students and teacher of the metaphysical draw each other in all the time.

Unfortunately, the God-like syndrome in teacher and student can be volatile to the psychic development process altogether. As the student begins to grow in their confidence through meditation and validation from psychic and spiritual development they can begin to see their teacher as human. Understanding that even with metaphysical gifts and we are all deeply flawed in our human existence. This realization is what a lot of people go through when then become adults and start to see their parents as individuals and less like their saviors.

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