Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Psychic Animals That Have Become Famous For Their Abilities!

It is commonly believed by most people that animals do have powers of perception that we do not have. We know their sense of smell is greater than ours. We know that they hear sounds that we cannot begin to hear. We know that they can see in the dark things that we cannot see. So why is it so hard for us to believe that there are psychic animals?

A lot of psychic animals have been talked about through the ages and some of them are even quite famous because of their predictions and abilities. One of these animals is an octopus from Germany called Paul. Paul has predicted eight of the world cup winners and he has been right on all eight of those predictions. Paul is now about to retire from predicting and just enjoy his time playing with the people that loves him and being an amazing octopus.

One of the psychic animals that have become famous for their abilities of perception was William. William is a dog that showed up one day at the home of one of his owner's friends. The friend was surprised to see William there because William had never been there. The fact was that Williams master needed help and William went to where he could get that help for him.

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