Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Find Out If Mediumship Is God Given?

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This question is one many psychics wonder about but the answer really is a resounding “yes”. The only thing that the ability rests on is how much we practice. The old age adage the practice makes perfect or as close to perfect as possible definitely applies here. I personally believe everyone is born intuitive.

This question should be addressed to the young in our lives. They all seem to see the other side extremely easily. They are also extremely psychic. When you look at the question seriously you will see that the babies see from when they are in their cribs. The problem seems to arise as they are growing older.

Parents and the older folks decry their “pretend friends”. It is important to allow their abilities to grow naturally. I was extremely lucky in my parents. I was never told that the ghost I saw walking down the hall wasn’t there. I was merely asked where she went. My mother also used to use my psychic abilities to find out where my older siblings were as well by asking me what they were doing. I always knew even when I had no reason to know. I think that that was why my abilities grew naturally. I stayed in tune with them all my growing life. I have seen people come back to the psychic ability later in life but I personally believe it was always there merely damped down by circumstances. Feeling people from the other side is part and parcel of life for me and I think if you leave yourself open to it you will notice them around you all the time.

I am certain that almost everyone can remember moving towards the telephone before it rang or even thinking to themselves I must phone Sue or Mary and the phone rang and it was Sue or Mary. That is all part of psychic ability. Seeing people, hearing people and even smelling odours of cigars etc is really medium-ship ability. Once you actually believe it is real, I think, it develops faster than before. The important part of medium-ship is that you need to use the ability, even if it is only among friends and family. It is like playing the piano. You might not be Beethoven but, if you practice, you can amuse yourself by playing a credible sounding song. I might sing off key to everyone but in the shower I sound great to myself.

I have been a practising medium for more years than I care to remember but I also know that spirit does teach me things every time I give a reading or comfort a person who has lost a loved one. The need to use those God given psychic abilities is of great import. The truth of the matter is, many people turn a blind eye to their inner knowledge, or they believe that the church tells them it is wrong therefore they must not use them. Excuse me, but I am a Christian and I wonder how anyone can say God condemns people like me, because Jesus and his followers certainly believed in spirit.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can Anybody Do Real Telepathy

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The amazing thing is how few psychics really feel they have real telepathy.

When I was asked to write about this subject I put the question to a group of psychic I was with at the time. I got a stunned silence. Not one of them had considered this aspect at all.

Usually the psychic community knows exactly what they are doing. The real psychic’s that is. Whatever way you actually look at it they are using it some of the time at least. Real telepathy does exist and it can be extremely useful.

In fact it can be used over thousands of miles. It is something one can practice and improve. Most identical twins have it for example, and many use it to communicate to the other on a regular basis. It’s a way of talking to the other person without words. I was interested to notice when I asked the psychic group about it that none of them had considered that they had used it with the people they read. It caused considerable discussion among them and in the end several had realized that they actually did use it during the course of a reading. I started considering the difference between remote viewing and telepathy. I came back to the business of energy. The electrical grids of the world, store and transfer information to anyone who cares to actually tune in to it. Is there really any difference between picking up psychic energy from someone and mental telepathy? It can be a little more directed to one person and fine tuned. This enables the psychic person receive the other persons thoughts in their entirety. I think it is just more of the same thing most intuitive people use on a daily basis.

With identical twins it’s a natural phenomena but the grains of it are in all people who care to practice and tap into it. Some people tend to look on it as intrusive and I suppose in a way it is. Once you have honed this ability, it is like tuning in a radio. Sometimes it is short wave. Sometimes you get full blown fm contact. It definitely can be a learned thing, just as remote viewers can learn remote viewing. I have no doubts in my mind that right now certain governments are experimenting with this on some level. Anyone who has this ability, and knows how to use it, needs to keep a really low profile so as not to be pulled into something where they will be used.

In closing I would say yes real telepathy does exist and the uses it can be put to in the psychic world are good. It is the areas that fall out of the “for entertainment purposes only” section that tend to bother me. People with these kinds of abilities can be lured by money especially in this kind of economic instability. Big money tends to make me suspect that the intended outcome would not be for the greater good of mankind.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Are Psychic Readers Born Psychic?

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Becoming a psychic reader is a dream for many even though not all folks are gifted in it. In many cases psychic reading is a natural talent that some people are born with. Some other people go to special trainings in order to achieve the right skills and hence become psychic readers. Frankly speaking, psychic is mostly an innate gift that comes out naturally over time and not necessarily through learning.  Recently, many psychic readers are starting to go out to the public to share their talents at very small ages. Most of us have heard the story of the psychic kids and how their great gifts often leave many in amazement. Prominent people, big families, kids and even adults go to them to find advice, confirmations and ask for directions.

Young psychic readers are very special in their own making. They are very open to listening and investigating the patterns and elusive signals that result from dimensions only a few can comprehend. The essence and abilities of a naturally born talent are always unique and many seekers are aware of this. This is why many people will often look for readers who were born with the gift and not the ones that have attained it through mere educational training.  As young psychic readers continue to grow, their abilities too continue to advance until they are mature enough to explore every bit of their talents. Parents and families have a great deal of duty to undertake and make sure that the great gifts in their kids do not wither away in the course of their growth process. The teenage stage is a bit dangerous and comes with a great mix of happenings, feelings and desires. Parents have to mould the young psychics and help them whenever necessary until they are able to walk on their own.

To realize whether a small child is bestowed with psychic gifts, they will begin to give stories of different life experiences, paranormal phenomena or happenings that not many other kids of their age can manage. They will also narrate stories of fantasy out of their minds; these are the simple initial signs that your child may be counted among the huge pool of psychic readers some time to come.  However, the internet has changed the strength of psychic reading if compared to the essence during the medieval times. Earlier on, only talented psychic readers could manage tarot card reading and give straight and exact foretelling. Readers were trusted and the seekers could without doubt rely on the outcomes satisfactorily. Today, people get trained and buy the ideas then get into the business; the main drawback to this is that it reduces the credibility that had been recorded by traditional and original psychics.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Find The Usefulness of Psychic Detectives in Daily Living

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In their line of work, police officers have come across various crimes, which can only describe as ‘perfect’. These are the kinds of crimes where criminals leave behind no evidence of their activities, and thus, there are no clues to follow like in solving the other regular crimes. The solution that some of the police departments have adopted have been the use of psychic detectives. These are individuals with a natural gift of recreating events, which took place in a particular crime scene, and telling exactly what happened. Their testimonies may not be admissible in court but the information they uncover could lead to discovery of evidence that that is acceptable in court.

Ability to see the past

Their ability to see events that occurred in the past could enable the recreation of events just like a video camera recorded them. They may capture details of the events that would otherwise be impossible to capture through other means. Some of the cases that they may help in solving include violent robberies and they may even be useful in recognizing the perpetrators of these crimes better than eyewitnesses can since they are more relaxed unlike the victims and witnesses who were in shock at the time.

Communication with those who passed on

Their ability to communicate with those who have already passed on puts them in the best position to ‘interrogate’ the dead and get their side of the story on how they died. This is not possible through any other means and may bring information to light that would have otherwise remained unknown. The victims of a murder are more likely to know who the perpetrator of the crime was and what motivation they may have had for doing what they did. Once this has been determined and ascertained, the prosecutors will then have an easy time in court securing a conviction for the murderer.

Ability to see the future

Their ability to see into the future can be useful in stopping crimes before they occur rather than catching the perpetrators after the damage. This may actually save the life of a human being or protect their property from harm. The psychic detectives are able to determine when the crime will happen, where it will happen and provide a vivid description of who will be involved. With this information, it will be easy for the law enforcers to stop the criminals before they embark on it.

The psychic detective does not even have to be a trained law enforcement agent. In fact, most of them are usually civilians invited by the police to assist in investigations of various crimes. They are not entitled to any formal remunerations but a small token of appreciation of their efforts from the miscellaneous budget of the police force.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Understanding Dream Psychics

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It is true that all people dream and dreams are the manifestation of the inner most desires of man. That being so most of us are not equipped to fully understand and interpret the dreams that we see. There are many who even rubbish the dreams and write them off as mere fancies!
Nowadays, with the arrival of dream interpreters and dream psychics, modern man’s understanding and acceptance of dreams has changed immensely. Science too has validated the existence of dreams and this has helped the dream psychic gain greater approval amongst people. A psychic dream interpreter possesses perceptive psychic intuition and can converse with the spirits to find answers to such mystifying dreams. A dream psychic is like a doctor who diagnoses an illness and provides the necessary medication.

They can explain why you see those strange dreams because they have the requisite knowledge, expertise and experience in dealing with dreams. They interpret the dreams and connect them to some facet or episode of your life of which one may not be conscious. By interpreting one’s dreams and helping people gain a better understanding of what they see as they sleep, dream psychics are able to bring many people closer to what their innermost desires are. Most of us go through life without any understanding of what our purpose in life is but we get glimpses of that purpose in our dreams. Instead of just wondering what our dreams might mean it is ideal to meet with a dream interpreter or dream psychic and get to know what it is that our innermost self has locked within.

Interpretation of dreams is not only about providing understanding about what people see in their dreams it is also about unlocking hidden talents and desires. A good dream psychic will help analyze the dream and explain how the dream will help a person understand himself/herself better. Sometimes during times of stress and confusion, dreams tend to become more vivid and by seeking out the help of a good dream psychic, it is possible to arrive at an understanding of what our conscious wants to convey. Sometimes people see the same dream over and over again and this could either confuse or frighten them. Seeking a dream analysis will help to unravel the mystery behind the dream and its recurrence. A good dream psychic will first help to realize that dreams are an integral and vital part of the whole of our lives. They are connected fundamentally to the lives that we live every day. By analyzing and understanding the repetitive nature of a particular dream, it is possible to find answers to some very integral questions about day to day life.