Monday, July 2, 2012

Find The Usefulness of Psychic Detectives in Daily Living

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In their line of work, police officers have come across various crimes, which can only describe as ‘perfect’. These are the kinds of crimes where criminals leave behind no evidence of their activities, and thus, there are no clues to follow like in solving the other regular crimes. The solution that some of the police departments have adopted have been the use of psychic detectives. These are individuals with a natural gift of recreating events, which took place in a particular crime scene, and telling exactly what happened. Their testimonies may not be admissible in court but the information they uncover could lead to discovery of evidence that that is acceptable in court.

Ability to see the past

Their ability to see events that occurred in the past could enable the recreation of events just like a video camera recorded them. They may capture details of the events that would otherwise be impossible to capture through other means. Some of the cases that they may help in solving include violent robberies and they may even be useful in recognizing the perpetrators of these crimes better than eyewitnesses can since they are more relaxed unlike the victims and witnesses who were in shock at the time.

Communication with those who passed on

Their ability to communicate with those who have already passed on puts them in the best position to ‘interrogate’ the dead and get their side of the story on how they died. This is not possible through any other means and may bring information to light that would have otherwise remained unknown. The victims of a murder are more likely to know who the perpetrator of the crime was and what motivation they may have had for doing what they did. Once this has been determined and ascertained, the prosecutors will then have an easy time in court securing a conviction for the murderer.

Ability to see the future

Their ability to see into the future can be useful in stopping crimes before they occur rather than catching the perpetrators after the damage. This may actually save the life of a human being or protect their property from harm. The psychic detectives are able to determine when the crime will happen, where it will happen and provide a vivid description of who will be involved. With this information, it will be easy for the law enforcers to stop the criminals before they embark on it.

The psychic detective does not even have to be a trained law enforcement agent. In fact, most of them are usually civilians invited by the police to assist in investigations of various crimes. They are not entitled to any formal remunerations but a small token of appreciation of their efforts from the miscellaneous budget of the police force.

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