Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Is A Medium?

Find more with these links Psychics Psychics Online Irish Psychics here A medium is a person with the paranormal ability to tune in to the afterlife, thus allowing an insight , brief as it may be, into the spirit life, as well as providing a link to enable communication between a living individual and a loved one who has been lost. He/ she will channel spirits, through various methods of interaction, while continually remaining in control; a spirit will never be allowed to take control, or possess. There are several different ways in which he/ she may perceive the presence or messages, one of which being clairsentience. Here he/ she will feel a presence, for example a cool draft, pressure applied to the head, it depends on the individual and also the one trying to make contact. Often they will make their identity known by conveying aches or pains they have endured during their life to him/ her. This will give an indicaton that the deceased is indeed stilll around and, depending on the feelings conveyed, give an answer as to whether they have settled peacefully into the afterlife. Sometimes - although much less frequent - this can be done through clairalience, when a smell associated with the deceased (for instance a favourite perfume or after shave, the smell of tobacco smoke etc) is perceived, or clairgustance, equally rare, where a taste, as that of a favourite food or drink, is conveyed. Another way of perception is clairvoyanve, where the images of personalities, events or particular objects are produced; this, as well as clairaudience, where thoughts or voices are perceived, will allow clearer messages such as answers to questions or reassurances and guidance to be passed on. Whichever method is used, the spirit will usually give some sort of proof of their identity, something either very closely associated with them or the individual attempting to contact them. This could be a secret or a private joke between them, a joint favourite piece of music, images of a particular event, anything that will leave no doubt as to who they are. Messages conceived by the medium will be passed on to the enquiring individual direct and as they come, without any attempt at interpretation or influence. The interpretation of whatever is received and what to do with it is entirely left up to the individual. Many regard consulting a medium as controversial, the main reason - apart from general scepticism - being that they believe the dead should be left to rest in peace. However, considering the help many have received not only in coming to terms with their grief, but also in receiving answers to important questions, guidance and reassurance; not to forget the provision of peace to many of the deceased by allowing them to give answers, resolve conflicts or sometimes even to seek forgiveness, it is indeed a very positive and helpful practice. In any case, a genuine, experienced medium will be sensitive to the needs of each of their vulnerable clients and carefully avoid causing them unnecessary upset. http://simply-tarot.blogspot.com/