Thursday, December 16, 2010

Accurate Psychic Reading

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When you have your psychic reading then of course you will be wanting an accurate one. This goes without saying, but you would be surprised that there are some psychics out there that don’t give you very accurate psychic readings. This could be because of a couple of reasons.

Firstly it could be because the psychic was never tested to see if they had psychic ability in the first place. Some people just set up websites with no special abilities and they are the ones that you have to be careful of. The other reason is that there are some companies that get psychics to read from a script and they say the same thing to people over and over again, and of course you won’t know this as they keep the reading very general.

So it is best if you want an accurate psychic reading, to go to a website that has been established for a while so you can see the feedback from happy clients. Also if you go for a well know psychic website then you will have peace of mind knowing that the psychics have been tested before they were offered any work. It always pays to go to someone who has been recommended by either your friends or family.

When you have your reading done then try to be open minded and listen to what the psychic has to tell you. An accurate psychic reading would consist of someone telling you something only you could know, maybe something personal. Then they should get a feel about what is happening in your life and advise on that and what you should be looking out for in the future.

You should always feel comfortable with your chosen psychic and the reading should flow naturally. You should feel that you can ask the psychic anything that is on your mind and they should be able to advise you on what you want to know. It is a two way thing when you have a psychic reading and after a few minutes you should know if the reading is going in the right direction. If you feel that you don’t connect to the psychic then don’t just put the phone down, tell him or her first that you don’t understand what they are talking about. That way they can then address what it is you want to know and if you still don’t connect to them after a few more minutes, then put the phone down and try another psychic later on.

It is always your choice where you want to go for your psychic reading and if you want an accurate one then you should always pick a website that is well known or has a lot of feedback from satisfied clients. If you do your homework first then you shouldn’t be disappointed, and should have a good and accurate psychic reading that should make you come away, filled with hope and make you feel that you are more in control of things.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Psychic Clairvoyants

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A psychic clairvoyant is someone who can give you a reading about yourself and tell you all about your past and present and future. A psychic has the ability to be able to tune into you and know what is going on in your life and can be very accurate. They are usually caring and sympathetic people who want to do good and help you with their abilities.

A psychic clairvoyant does not need to know anything about you in order to give you an accurate reading but it does help if they have some idea of the person that you are and how you react to situations. This is because they can then know how you will feel and how you will react when they tell you something.

The psychic reader will give you a reading that is in depth, as once you know that something is coming up for you then you are more prepared to deal with it. A psychic clairvoyant is someone who is there to help you with any issues you have around you and they can help you in many different ways.
Live readings are the best kind to have as you can both get to know each other a little more as time goes by and if you talk to your clairvoyant on a regular basis it will seem that they are almost a friend and that you can ask them anything. A psychic clairvoyant will often surprise you when they tell you things about your life, things that you may not have told anyone.
It may seem strange at first to talk to someone who doesn’t know you but after a while you will relax and feel more confident with the psychic. It is strange when someone you don’t know, knows so much about you, but after a while you will get used to it. It is best for you if you can be relaxed when you have the reading as this always helps the psychic give you better information.
A psychic can pick up when you have built a wall up around yourself and don’t really want to talk, so it is much better if you have confidence in the psychic and then the reading should flow. A psychic would never want to upset you or offend you so you can rest assured that you should only get a good and honest reading and nothing scary should ever be said. That is not the way a genuine psychic works.

They may inform you when you have some sort of challenge coming up in the future but they will always try not to be negative. The clairvoyant should always end the reading on a positive note. So if you are thinking about having a reading done from a psychic clairvoyant then try to be relaxed and open and you should get a very accurate and detailed reading that you will remember for a long time to come!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clairvoyants and their psychic sense

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Do you know what a clairvoyant really is and how they can help you with their psychic sense? Lots of people think they know what a clairvoyant is and what they can expect from one but this is not always the case. You have probably sensed yourself that you should always go with your gut instinct or be aware of the feeling that you just know when someone is going to call, and a clairvoyant uses the same feelings but on a much higher level.

Do you think that things happen by coincidence or do you think that fate takes a hand? If you realise that we are all spirit and that our flesh is only temporary then you may get an insight into what clairvoyants and psychic sense really is. We are all born to use our intuition and it is usually when we go against our feelings or intuition that we start to experience problems. We are born and we die, that is a fact. We have one life and we are meant to learn valuable lessons while we are on earth so we can take them onboard into the afterlife. We choose to live life on earth and to experience things and this helps us in the afterlife as valuable life lessons.We all come from spirit but a lot of people don’t realise this and think that once we are born that this is it. When in fact it is more complex than that. When you have a clairvoyant reading then this can start your realisation that there is more to us than we know.

A lot of people go through life feeling unhappy and under stress and not understanding what life is all about, or what the meaning of life is, but a clairvoyant is already attuned to this and knows about certain things that are going to happen and can help you.Clairvoyants use their psychic sense to help and guide you along your path in life and to learn more about who you are and what you are here for. When you have spiritual counselling or advice then you can connect with something that is much higher than yourself and you can connect to people that have passed over to the afterlife. There are many question that can be answered by a clairvoyant so if you are ever worried about something or just need someone to talk to then you should always pick up the phone or get a one to one reading with a clairvoyant.

A clairvoyant will use their psychic sense to guide you and help you with anything that is coming up in your life and they will put you in the right frame of mind to be able to cope with any issues that turn up. Having a psychic reading by a clairvoyant is a really helpful way of getting to grips with any problems you are experiencing and will make you feel that at last, you can finally understand what life is all about.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Find a Real Psychic Online

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With the Internet you can get a lot of information on everything that you want. Psychic chat services are now very popular online. If you want to find a real psychic then you have to look no further than the Internet these days as it offers you a wide choice of websites that are dedicated to psychics. You just put in Google, ‘psychics’ and you will have many ones to choose from.This is a very popular way of finding a real psychic and is in demand. You can search online through the search engines for a psychic and you will be spoilt for choice as there are very many of them to choose from. You can have a psychic reading, or you may want a psychic chat reading or any other form of psychic reading, such as tarot card readings, divination readings and runes, numerology and spiritual readings just to name a few.

So you may be wondering how you will find a real psychic that is genuine. The way to do this is to firstly understand what a psychic is and what they can offer you. A psychic is someone who can glimpse at the future, your future, and tell you what is going to happen. This can be done by a number of methods but tarot card reading is the most popular one and a psychic uses the tarot as a tool for giving them information.

Psychics are what we call sensitive to spiritual dimensions and they can get a message either through sound or vision or intuition. These type of readings are very insightful and can provide real help in times of need. You will be given messages that will help you in your every day life and given guidance at the same time.

So as you can see a psychic can obviously help you with any thing that you want answered. You will have to pay a fee and this depends on how much the psychic charges, but if you are not happy with the reading then you should get a refund, although this is rare, as most people come away feeling very much happier after a reading.

You can have a reading over the phone or face to face. It doesn’t matter what way you decide to have the reading, the results should be the same. Try to keep an open mind when you have your reading as sometimes you do not always know what is going to be said. If you are experiencing any problems or just want help from a psychic then make sure you find a real psychic as they will give you so much information about your current situation that you will find it uncanny.

So no matter what you want answered, your answer is out there and its just a case of finding the right psychic who you connect to and who can help you. Once you have had a psychic reading then this will probably be just the first of many more readings to come.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Irish Psychic Readings

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If you are thinking about having an Irish psychic reading then it will be slightly different to the way the average psychic works. The Irish like to tell your fortune by way of reading the tea leaves, although of course, not all of them do readings this way. Tea leaf readings have been practiced for a very long time and still is popular in Ireland. You first have a cup of tea made with real tea brewed in a pot, no teabags with this reading. Then you drink your tea and hand it over to the psychic who will do the reading for you.

It makes for a very enjoyable and unusual type of reading. Sometimes tealeaf reading are called Tasseography and was popular to gypsies and to people living in the Victorian Age both in Britain and United States of America. It was thought of as folk magic and you begin by making a cup of tea without getting rid of the leafs at the bottom of the cup. A cup that has a narrow bottom and a wide top should be used. You put the cup on the saucer and then turn it around three times by the handle.

Then you turn the cup upside down onto the saucer. Then look at the cup the right way up and this begins the interpretation. It is all about the symbols that you see inside the cup that the tea leafs make. The tea leafs that are near to the top or rim of the cup are about the present and the more closer to the centre of the cup is about the future. It is a fascinating way of having your Irish psychic reading done and below are a few of the symbols that you will see and what their meanings are:

An arrow means that there is an important letter coming for you.
If you see bells that means that there is some good news coming like a wedding. Clouds tend to mean doubt about something. A symbol like a dog means that you have good and honest friends. An elephant shapes means you are going to need some advice from a friend. A fish usually means news from afar, possibly abroad. Flowers mean you are unhappy with your love life. A gun can mean arguments ahead. A heart shape means a new lover. A symbol of a key means that you will get to know a mystery. A ladder means good advancement like a promotion coming up for you. A mushroom means there is going to be a disturbance.

A palm tree usually means a resting period around you. A question mark could be that you are uncertain about something. A ring will mean a partnership with someone you love. A spider means good luck. A tree means success ahead for you. An umbrella is shelter that is temporary, someone who will help you and a wheel means money coming in for you. So you can see just what an Irish psychic reading entails and whether you would be interested in this fascinating type of reading.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Psychic Mediums Find The Networks

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When you have decided that you want a reading with a medium then you will see that this is a very special type of reading. Normally they will connect with your relatives or friends who are in the afterlife. They will try to get in touch with someone that you know who wants to give you some information. All you have to do is be relaxed and be open to what they will tell you. Lots of people seek out mediums as it is very comforting to know that life goes on after death and that you can still remain in contact with someone that you have loved.

They can help prove that there is life everlasting and that the people that you have been close to that have passed on still want to keep in touch through them and tell you how things are going to turn out and how they are now in the afterlife. It isn’t a scary experience, although a lot of people tend to be wary of going to a medium. They are just people like you and me but they have evolved so much that they can talk to people who has passed on and give messages to the ones that are alive.

Sometimes it is hard to decipher exactly what a medium means as they can give you information that doesn’t always make sense at the time, but on looking back later on, then it suddenly does make sense. So always keep an open mind and try to remember what was said to you even though it may be a little confusing at first. Mediums get bits of information and they hope that you can understand what they are telling you even though they may not understand it themselves at the time.

Some medium will pick up on things around you immediately and others may find it a bit harder. Sometime this is because you either don’t fully believe what you are being given or you can’t understand the information. Just remember that if there is something important that you should know, then the medium will do their best to relay this to you. It can be a beautiful experience if you go really wanting to hear from someone that has passed on and they turn up at your reading and give you information, but sometimes you may go for a reading and nothing much comes through, this is completely normal, its just that you may need to go a couple more times before something of any benefit is said to you.

It is a very responsible thing for a medium to be able to relay messages from the deceased onto the people that are left behind and no one wants to get anyone upset. So when you are feeling that you really need some advice from someone or you are just missing them since they passed, then seek out a professional medium and hopefully you will have your answers and will come away feeling that there is life everlasting.

Monday, November 8, 2010

How To Find A Real Clairvoyant

There are many genuine psychics who can provide you with true spiritual readings and the proper guidance that you need as you explore the spiritual world. However there are also many fake psychics around who are just waiting to get a victim.

If you are interested in psychic séances you must be prepared in accepting negative readings and be realistic in treating spiritual readings that you will receive. These will help you find out if the psychic that you are dealing with is a real clairvoyant or a fraud.

Psychics have an extra sensory perception or ESP that allows them to connect to the spirit world. One of these extra sensory perceptions that this gifted persons have is clairvoyance.

What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance originated from French word, clair meaning “clear” and voyance “vision”. It is related to the ESP of a genuine psychic. It is the ability to clearly see and perceive all the things and phenomena in the spiritual realm that are beyond the normal human senses. It is often referred to as the “sixth sense”. A real clairvoyant psychic is able to foresee future events through different divination tools and even see your past life. By possessing this talent and knowledge a good understanding of the spiritual world is obtained.

How can you tell a real clairvoyant psychic from a fake one?

A natural and real clairvoyant psychic is someone who has been given the gift to see and understand events and entities that is not visible to ordinary people’s vision. Genuine psychics can provide you with authentic spiritual readings using their natural ability. They will tell you whatever they see regardless of your expectation. Real psychics will give readings and advices that you need to know and not what you just like to know. These talented people will help to guide you on the right direction in enhancing every aspect of your life. They can even unleash your hidden talents that you can use in your day to day quest in understanding life. Real clairvoyant psychics can guide you in understanding the world that is beyond your knowledge by showing and providing you with truthful insights.

Fake psychics on the other hand are people who do not have the natural gift to communicate to the spiritual world unlike the real clairvoyant. They do not know anything about spiritual readings. These fake people pretending to be clairvoyant psychics will get information from you even the little things related to you and will just based their readings on these. They will only provide you with positive readings so that you will continue on having spiritual sessions with them. Once they find out what pleases you, they will use it as their weapon in luring you even more to their trap. They might even charge you more than what the recognized psychic do.

Your main aim in seeking the help of psychics is to have peace of mind and wisdom however you must also be careful when choosing the psychic with whom you will trust in helping you to understand the spiritual world.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Free Online Psychics

You may be wondering what awaits you in the future, if you are taking the right steps, and if you serve your purpose in life. These are often the questions that people seek an answer to but just do not know how and whom to approach. If you want to get proper guidance on your future without having to spend money then free online psychics will be of great help.

Psychics are gifted individuals with the ability to see the future and perceive things, which are not visible to a normal person. They can provide you with guidance in knowing and understanding your purpose in life, deepest desires, abilities, career path, family, relationships, and precautions to be taken in every decision that you will make.

Free online psychics offer different approaches that will guide you in unleashing the key in your quest to understand life fully. Some of the ways on how free psychics online can help you sort out issues in your life include:

Horoscope Reading: This can be provided by the psychic after you have provided them with personal information like name and birth date. This horoscope will open your mind in understanding your personality and how your personality affects the other aspects of your life.
Tarot Reading: This is another way for a psychic to evaluate and guide you. In this form of psychic reading, name and birth information will be asked and you will be given the tarot card deck and be the one to choose the cards then the psychic will interpret your card. The psychic will aid you in making your decisions regarding different issues, may it be career, love, or money.

These free online psychics will try to connect with you through the different reading methods and help you in choosing wise decisions before taking a path to start your itinerary. With their power to see what lies ahead, your positive abilities will be enhanced that you can apply in your daily life. You will be able to recognize and do what your heart really desires therefore helping you to serve your purpose in life effectively.

Free online psychics serve as guide in taking the right path to a happy and fulfilling life. Psychics will help you answer your doubts and enable you to know your strengths and weaknesses, which will lead you to fully know and understand the real you. You will be able to have a clearer view of the present and future through understanding your past and getting to the core and being able to sort out each issue properly with the proper interpretations and advices from the free online psychics.

These positive things that free online psychics can offer you must not be taken as only the basis in running your life. You must also bear in mind that the advices from free online psychics are just mere guide in showing you the light of life. At the end of the day it will only be you who will manipulate and face the different situations that you will encounter as you go through your journey in life.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Medium Readings - Find The Best Mediums Online

There are different skills and ability in psychic readings. These skills and abilities are modelled according to departments of life and existence and of course human needs and wants. Medium readings do not need any special introduction in the psychic world. Mediums are among the earliest and popular psychic departments. Most customs and culture and even some holy books are full of records of use medium readings by psychic practitioners to resolve impending death problems and disasters. Medium readings are special skill in the psychic industry that uses different methods to conduct their psychic sessions.

Medium readings are an age long psychic practices which is not opened to everybody. In the olden days mediums are hereditary and could not be acquired by learning. Then before somebody could become a medium reader, medium readings must be in his or her lineage. It is ether the father, mother or any of the ancestors were medium readers. It means that in those days that medium reading is hereditary. However, the scenario seemed to be changing now in that people do actually learn and acquire the training of medium psychics. Even at that the difference is always clear because the medium who acquired the skill by training can never be as accurate and reliable as the reader the act is running in his or her blood. It can be said that the best medium reader is the one who has the practice in his family.

Medium readings are further subdivided into different skills and abilities. Although the medium readers are specialist in conducting psychic readings about the spirit world that is the land of the dead not all the practitioners use the same method or process to arrive at psychic decisions or psychic readings. There are three most popular skills in medium readings although there are also other minor ones but these three are the most popular and most often used. The three most popular skills in the medium readings are the clairvoyants, the clairaudience and the clairsentience. These three skills use different techniques and processes to access the spirit world. The three make use of perception to access the dead, but the perception methods vary. The clairvoyants for instance make use of visionary perception. That is they are credited with the power to perceive the spirit world through vision. The other medium that is the clairaudience and clairsentience make use of other perception organ that is different from vision. The clairaudiences for instance also make use of perception sense of hearing. They get input from the spirit world by hearing from them.

The Clairsentience make use of feeling to perceive from the spirit world. It is their use of perception that makes them different from the others and that also accounts for the reason why it is not an all man’s affair. One wonders the possibility of practitioner which these attributes are not innate him being able to learn the act perfectly. Although the medium readings are quite different from the other psychic practices they can also be accessed through the same platforms used to access other practitioners. It is no longer the rudimentary practice of sitting at home and waiting for service seekers to come, medium readers have advanced like other psychic practices. Whether the practitioners are local, national or international, their services are now conducted online where anybody with internet access can see them and engage their services.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Psychic Tarot Cards

The psychic world is made up of different skills and abilities. Each of these skills and abilities has adopted different methods of conducting psychic reading. Each speciality has a different instrument and technique they use to conduct their readings. A very special skill is the psychic tarot reading. The reader does not use the methods used by other practitioners to arrive at their readings. The special instrument used by the psychic’s are called psychic tarot cards. They are composed of different cards; they are about seventy eight in number. The psychic tarot cards are made of different colours and contain different pictures. It is the reading made out of the colours and pictures that made the tarot cards instrument of divination by practitioners.
The psychic tarot cards are not just ordinary cards. They are very unique to the practitioners; one can spend length of time to master the cards and what of the symbols represents. It is not everybody that gets up and start reading and interpreting the cards. For one to read and interpret the cards one has to first enrol into the school of the tarots to be groomed on how to read, understand and interpret these cards. The readers use divination method to arrive at the readings they send to their clients. In other words psychic tarot cards are divination instruments. The diviners read the cards and interpret them and from it deduct a meaning which only they can comprehend.

The process of using the psychic tarot cards is very easy and simple to the practitioner. The psychic tarot cards as said earlier are seventy eight in number and are composed of separate symbols and combination of colours. The tarot cards only make meaning when they are used in the divination process. The cards are tossed around the psychic tarot watches the way the cards are scattered. The way the pictures or the symbols turned themselves means a lot and has implications to the tarot world. In the time past, practitioners would require their clients to be bodily present before they conduct sessions for them. The essence of clients being may be perhaps for there to be a link or aura to be established between the service seeker and the psychic tarot reader. As said earlier that practice belong to the long past and the rudimentary practice of psychic reading, that cannot be said of today where innovations in the area of science and technology have greatly enhanced the means of communication and way things are done generally.

Reader are the brand of practitioners whose demands are popular and loved by the clients because a lot of people have trust and implicit confidence on their methods of arriving at their readings that is the process of tarot card reading. The practice of psychic tarot readers are felt the world over as a result of improved method of communication provided by the internet and modern telecommunication. The modern communication has changed the character and phase of conducting psychic reading. It has made it possible for a mass reading as it has widened the reach of the practitioners. Psychic tarots are not restricted to one culture; every race has a way of conducting readings in the past. What the internet and telecommunication have done is to increase the reach of the practitioners. Through the modern means of communication somebody from Switzerland can enjoy the services of great psychic reader from the UK or from any other part of the world for that matter. This can happen in matter of minutes.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Find Accurate Psychic Mediums Online

Technology and development have changed all facets of man’s existence making life more adaptable and enjoyable. The area where technology has manifested its uniqueness is in the psychic and medium readings arena. Online and telephone services have facilitated the work of psychic and medium readers the world over. Phone psychic medium readers are psychic readers who specialize in consulting the spirit of the dead over the medium of the telephone. That is they do not require the face to face presence of the client before they conduct their services. Through a telephone call anybody can consult any medium of his choice and actually obtain information from the world of the dead for him or her. Distance and colour or any other human restrictions can no longer be a barrier. All that is required is telephone services and the ability to pay for the charges.

Phone psychic mediums use different skills in discharging their duties. There are those who are called clairvoyance medium readers, there is also clairaudience medium readers and thirdly the clairsentience medium readers. Each of them although medium readers do adopt different skills and talents in undertaking their readings. The common thing among them is that they all consult with the spirit of the dead.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Phone Medium Readers & Readings - Get The Right Info

The quest to seek satisfactory information about the fate and cause of death of departed loved ones has made medium consultations indispensable in human activities. Medium services in the past were conducted in the private residence of medium readers. With the advancement in science and technology particularly the telephone services, the medium reading has been brought to the reach of everybody who has fixed or wireless internet.

Phone medium readings as the name implies is medium consultation done through the channel of telephone. Phone medium readings are indeed one of the greatest wonders of modern science in that you can access it in the comfort of your home. Phone medium readings are readings done at the convenience of the clients in that it has reduced the hassles associated with going to the house of medium readers for consultation. Medium phone readers therefore do not make use of face to face interaction to make their readings; they do not need to read your face or even your feelings to deliver their message. They only consult with the spirit world. They are therefore termed half human and half gods. They operate remotely and need not see their clients before they deliver their messages.

Phone medium readers have special skills which they use intuitively to obtain information from loved ones who have passed on to the other side of the world. The skills involve, use of inner perception which is beyond the comprehension of the ordinary man. They make use of clairvoyance which in its common sense means inner seeing, and clairsentience which means inner feeling and clairaudience which is inner hearing to source information from the spirit world. Through these skills the readers help their clients get information from their dead departed relations and friends and in the process obtain messages on strengthening their own lives.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Choose And Find The Right Psychic

Choose And Find The Right Psychic

In today's world where people engage in any means to get rich quick, choosing the right person to do a simple task is becoming increasingly difficult. Perhaps the area where that is manifested in a very large proportion may be the area of psychic reading. The problem became compounded with the leverage offered by the emergence of the Internet which has about reduced the world into a one small village. The act of psychic reading can now be contracted from all the corners of the earth. This has widened the terrain for the practitioners as they can get clients from anywhere.

Perhaps that seems to be undoing the profession has because lot of fraudsters have invaded the profession that choosing the right reader is becoming a matter of trial and error.However there are certain tips one may consider in choosing the right psychic reader. The first thing is to consider whether such person is a member of any psychic reading and regulating body. If they are, their certificates are always displayed at their websites. Always determine the authenticity of such certificate if they are placed. The benefit of enlisting the services of a registered psychic reader is that there are certain practices prescribed by the group and defaulters always gets punished. It is therefore more likely we get a better service by engaging a registered reader.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Exercise Caution with Psychic Readers

Dishonest psychic readers are often motivated by money; there are different tactics that they will employ to play on your fears. They know that these customers are looking for answers and often will use this as leverage to earn money. A standard ploy will be to claim that you are cursed or have negative energy around you. They will offer to help you of this condition if you are willing to pay more for their help and time.

A reputable psychic will be focused on learning about you and working with your personal issues to come to a helpful conclusion. When psychic readers are using the power of spirit guides you need to be aware of these spirit guides, their intentions need to be watched just as the intentions of their human hosts.

If you don’t have experience with these matters then you may feel overwhelmed, but it doesn’t need to be that way. In a world with sharks there are also safe havens for spiritual support. If you are in need of guidance and need someone who can provide free advice then please feel free to contact me at any time.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Is Psychic Predictions - Find Out The Truth!

People over the years have tried to learn about the future by taking advantage of the gifts of a psychic reader. Everyone from heads of state to kings and celebrities have relied on psychic predictions to look into the future. These people are able to offer psychic predictions, however it’s not always easy to find a qualified psychic who can offer a valid psychic prediction.
The act of predicting the future is known as divination. When you are looking for psychic predictions it’s important to understand that this is not an exact art. The psychic reader can only see where you are at now in your life. Any new choices or changes in life will alter your future. Fortune tellers or those who practice divination use different methods to read what the future may hold.


When people try to grasp psychic predictions by studying the planets and the stars this is known as Astrology. If you rely on Astrology and Horoscopes to predict the future you will need to know the time and date of your birth. There are many websites you can go to for psychic predictions that are based on your star chart and your personal horoscope. Many famous people have relied on astrology to help make their decisions; people like former US president Ronald Regan and his wife had astrological advisors in the White House.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top Types of Free Psychic Reading

People have different reasons for seeking out a free psychic reading, but despite the differences they all share one thing in common. They are looking for answers to questions that are outside of normal human perception. Whether you are looking for relationship advice, insight into business matters or for spiritual guidance a convenient way to get started is with a free psychic reading.

Free Tarot Card Readings -
The tarot cards been in use for over 500 years, the interpretation of these cards is often up to the reader. To receive a free psychic reading you will have the cards revealed and then depending on the deductions from these face cards you will learn your message.

Telephone Psychic Readings-
With a telephone you can also contact a psychic to have them perform a reading for you. You can easily try various psychics to learn more about your situation and work towards and resolutions, by contacting a powerful psychic or medium on the phone you can have a very close and empowered spiritual bond. Many people will try a psychic first to verify who they are; these telephone psychics have different policies. Most will allow you a free psychic reading to get acquainted with their services.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

See What An Online Psychic Reading Can Do For You!

When performed correctly an online psychic reading can be insightful and life changing. Many people today are looking for answers in their lives and are looking for ways to better their future. By contacting a genuine psychic these people many times find the answers they are looking for in a surprisingly accurate way. There are also those who want to contact loved ones who have died, often a psychic will offer services to a grieving family whose members who are looking for closure and guidance into the matters of the afterlife. Many people are surprised by the efficiency and often fast results they receive from a psychic reading. Some of the most popular ways of receiving an online psychic reading are as follows.

Aura reading

An aura reading involves observing and interpreting a person’s energy or aura. This type of psychic reading will often show a series of aura radiations coming off of the body. These auras vary in color, strength and intensity from person to person. When you contact a psychic who claims to have the ability to read this aura they will interpret what they and give you an outcome.

Tarot reading

It is easier to find a tarot card reading; however the results will not always be as accurate or in depth. The card reader has a deck of 78 cards and these cards are drawn to predict matters related to financial destiny, relationships and to determine ones spiritual path. Tarot cards are often interpreted differently and therefore a tarot card psychic reading is very much open to interpretation.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Why Should I Have A Psychic Phone Reading?

There is much to learn regarding psychic and mediumship sciences, you will find an illuminated life if start to look at who and what we actually are, the answer is far different to what you will imagine. The physical shell and the material world are only tools whilst we experience the mortal plain.

We are all spirit, that is a spiritual consciousness and a personality, it is the flesh that is only temporary. It is this spiritual consciousness which is the key to linking back in to our psychic side, I say back in as we are all born intuitive this is gradually shaded out by modern living in a very unspiritual world.

You can be spiritual by simply being away of your spirit and looking inside and not outside to the material world like most people – once you grasp this life can have a better meaning than the more spiritual side.

Death is merely a thoroughfare and not a cul-de-sac, the physical world we have chosen to visit is because we wanted to experience it, so it’s a like a ‘life stage’ so that the lessons learned go back with us to the spirit realm which is where we existed first of all.

We all come from and are spirit and many many people do not know this, a positive wave echoes through the cosmos when this is realized, a spiritual or psychic reading can herald the start of this realization, when one thinks a little deeper, the questions can and should arise.

Many of us struggle through life feeling unhappy and discontented, not understanding what it is all about. Many are plagued with depression and an endless round of days that feel like there is no point. Many others trundle through life, just trying to get by in the best way possible without any true sense of joy or contentment.

Psychic readings should be used as the start of ones path into the great world of who we are.
Spiritual advice and spiritual counselling offers clairvoyance at a 'deeper' level. Loved one and friends who have passed over, are all around us and delight in being remembered and also in passing on guidance, a phone psychic medium is the perfect person to help facilitate this.
You can learn a lot from a psychic reader including how to get onto the path yourself, you don’t have to forge a new career but your life will be better by knowing who and what you are!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Join The Healing Minute with Harry Edwards Healing Santuary - @ 10am each day to send healing to Haiti

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Join The Healing Minute with Harry Edwards Healing Santuary - @ 10am each day to send healing to Haiti - Simply add your own positive thought in a minute of meditation in sending energy to those in Haiti

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Is A Medium?

A medium is the 'channel' by which information from spirit passes through or indeed is the channel through which any energy passes. By this definition all of us indeed are mediums. This is because we all channel energy to some degree or another. If we draw, we are a medium (as is the pencil) through which energy flows to create the picture on the page, all mediums are actually psychic but mediums actually raise their conscious levels to a higher degree than that of psychics.This then means by its very nature that anyone working with Spirit or energy on any level could be called a medium.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010