Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Find Out If Mediumship Is God Given?

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This question is one many psychics wonder about but the answer really is a resounding “yes”. The only thing that the ability rests on is how much we practice. The old age adage the practice makes perfect or as close to perfect as possible definitely applies here. I personally believe everyone is born intuitive.

This question should be addressed to the young in our lives. They all seem to see the other side extremely easily. They are also extremely psychic. When you look at the question seriously you will see that the babies see from when they are in their cribs. The problem seems to arise as they are growing older.

Parents and the older folks decry their “pretend friends”. It is important to allow their abilities to grow naturally. I was extremely lucky in my parents. I was never told that the ghost I saw walking down the hall wasn’t there. I was merely asked where she went. My mother also used to use my psychic abilities to find out where my older siblings were as well by asking me what they were doing. I always knew even when I had no reason to know. I think that that was why my abilities grew naturally. I stayed in tune with them all my growing life. I have seen people come back to the psychic ability later in life but I personally believe it was always there merely damped down by circumstances. Feeling people from the other side is part and parcel of life for me and I think if you leave yourself open to it you will notice them around you all the time.

I am certain that almost everyone can remember moving towards the telephone before it rang or even thinking to themselves I must phone Sue or Mary and the phone rang and it was Sue or Mary. That is all part of psychic ability. Seeing people, hearing people and even smelling odours of cigars etc is really medium-ship ability. Once you actually believe it is real, I think, it develops faster than before. The important part of medium-ship is that you need to use the ability, even if it is only among friends and family. It is like playing the piano. You might not be Beethoven but, if you practice, you can amuse yourself by playing a credible sounding song. I might sing off key to everyone but in the shower I sound great to myself.

I have been a practising medium for more years than I care to remember but I also know that spirit does teach me things every time I give a reading or comfort a person who has lost a loved one. The need to use those God given psychic abilities is of great import. The truth of the matter is, many people turn a blind eye to their inner knowledge, or they believe that the church tells them it is wrong therefore they must not use them. Excuse me, but I am a Christian and I wonder how anyone can say God condemns people like me, because Jesus and his followers certainly believed in spirit.

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