Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ever Lost A Loved One You Know How Painful It Is To Cope With Their Death

If you've ever lost a loved one you know how painful it is to cope with their death, and your loss.

"I Want To Communicate With My Deceased Ones / Friend/Partner/Parent" is a common request for information on my website.

Firstly, if this is your query right now, I am very sorry for your loss and I feel and understand your pain. I'd like to try to explain why, in my experience, and from my spiritual point of view, your deceased loved ones may not be in contact for a while, and also to try to bring you some comfort.

I tend to find that deceased loved ones won't appear or communicate anytime soon after their passing.

Some say that it takes too much of their energy to come through, even to an experienced medium - I'm not sure that I hold with this as, on a rare occasion, I have sensed a very recently deceased spirit coming through to me within hours.

The difference here is that I could handle their presence emotionally. The people closest to them would not have been either, able to handle it emotionally or perhaps actually been capable of sensing their presence because of the turmoil they were in.

Some say they don't come through that quickly because they have 'business' or a 'life review' to go through first. This doesn't make that much sense to me but depends entirely on your own belief system. You may well have a different philosophy to me and be able to relate to this and can understand that they need some time on the other side first before re-visiting.

Personally I believe the reason that the spirits of recently deceased loved ones stay away, or at least aren't obvious in the early months of their passing is not about them. It's about us.

It's for us, for our own well-being and for our mental and emotional health.

I know that's hard to hear because we want them back SO BADLY that it hurts, and you believe that you are really ready to see or hear from them. But I believe spirit tend to stay away to help with our grieving. It reinforces their absence to allow us to process that they're not going to be around any longer. That is why they often don't come through to mediums either with a message that they are still around - it will just mess with our heads.

Think about it, have you ever tried getting over an emotional break-up while having to see your ex-partner on a regular basis? In the early days it's so very hard, which is often why it's easier to turn to hating them than continuing to acknowledge your positive feelings for them

So maybe this will help instead. If they can't be around for you, maybe I can tell you what you really want to hear.

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