Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My best psychic reading for only 18 dollars!

Be Deal Minded! That doesn't mean you need to accept (or expect) lower quality readings for deeply discounted prices. It only means you should look for great deals from LEGITIMATE networks that are running 2010 specials. (several are running 1 dollar per minute special promotions through at least the first few months of the year....and this is a great way to TEST their psychics for as good of a deal as you are likely to find online or off!)

Be OPEN Minded! Remember...the most FAMOUS psychics are not always the best, brightest or most insightful at all. Why? My WORST reading, in almost 2 decades of psychic reading, writing, research and exploration (both personally and professionally) was with a well known, "celebrity" psychic that cost me close to 2 thousand dollars. (I know.....pretty embarrassing!) My best reading? 18 dollars. (literally....the first psychic experience I ever had that convinced me the whole phenomena was true!)

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